Monday, February 24, 2014

Ukraine - Overthrow

Ukraine needs to hit the Ctl-Alt_Delete button

✓Cancel Presidential Election
✓Remove power authority from President
✓Have Parliament elect head of state by 2/3 majority vote
✓Save >$200Mil
✓Remove Yarosh
✓Engage E Ukraine
✓Reinstate Language rights
✓Say No to NATO
✓Unite not divide the nation
✓Remain Independent
✓Implement Constitutional & Parliamentary reform
✓Hold Fresh Parliamentary elections following


We apologize for not updating this blog of late.

As you know there is a lot going on in Ukraine of late. Much of which is not Constitutional.

As long as the new regime has the support of the Peoples democratically elected Parliament it can claim some form of authority,  We strongly advocate a Parliamentary system and the removal of power from the office of the President 

It is hard to support Yanukovych giving a number of reason not the least his concolidation of power and auathority since being elected President and the jailing of Tymocheno

That is not to say we can support the actions of the junta of those engaged in the violent other throw of am elected Government.

Peaceful protestors do not carry guns, Molotov Cocktails and other weapons.

The loss of life is appalling and can only be condemned. Both sides are at fault.

We are also concerned  at some of the proposed dictates coming from the Right Sector, These are extremist right wing fascist and their policies can not be tolerated. It appears that they with the suport of the United States are calling the Shots

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