Monday, November 01, 2010

Exit Polls show minority wins

Independent Exit polls conducted by Research and Branding and published in Kyiv Post show Party of Regions ahead in local elections

What's interesting to note is that with the exception of Donetsk all other regions the highest polling party did not poll over 50%. The election of Mayor being won by candidates that do not have majority support. This is a major shortfall of the first-past-the-post voting system.

A better option would be to introduce preferential "Alternative voting where candidates/parties are ranked in order of preference. If no candidate has 50% or more votes then the candidates with the least votes are excluded and their votes distributed according to the voters order to preface, This process continues until a candidate has 50% or more support.  More information

The other interesting outcome is that Svoboda have out polled all other parties including Tymoshenko and Our Ukraine in Western Ukraine.  If this was repeated in a Parliamentary election Sovoda would most likely be represented in Ukraine's Parliament. Lytvyn and Our Ukraine would lose representation and Tymoshenko would be significantly reduced in numbers.