Monday, November 03, 2014

Ukraine Election Map

Election Map Information

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Updated 9-Nov-2014

Our election map displays the results of all the Parliament and Presidential elections since 2004

Information and data was sourced from Ukraine's Electoral Commission. data has been extracted and stored in xml data files which are used to generate the map display.

Now with improved map click functionality and voter turnout selection


ID Election Election Date Registered Voters Total Vote Turnout Updated Comment
1 Ukrainian Presidential Election 31-Oct-2004 37613022 28035184 74.54% 02-Sep-2009
Data extracted from
2 Ukrainian Presidential Election 21-Nov-2004 37613022 30511289 81.12% 02-Sep-2009
Run-off ballot - Official results not confirmed- See re-Run election held on December 26, 2004
3 Ukrainian Presidential Election 26-Dec-2004 37613022 29068971 77.28% 02-Sep-2009
Re-run election
4 Ukrainian Parliamentary Election 26-Mar-2006 37191928 25352380 68.17% 25-Sep-2007
Data extracted from
5 Ukrainian Parliamentary Election 30-Sep-2007 37189430 23315257 62.69% 15-Oct-2007
Data extracted from
6 Ukrainian Presidential Election 17-Jan-2010 36576763 24588268 67.22% 25-Jan-2010
Data extracted from
7 Ukrainian Presidential Election 07-Feb-2010 36576763 25493529 69.70% 13-Feb-2010
Data extracted from
8 Ukrainian Parliamentary Election 28-Oct-2012 35800129 20388019 56.95% 03-Jun-2014
Data extracted from
9 Ukrainian Presidential Election 25-May-2014 35500913 18019504 50.76% 03-Jun-2014
Data extracted from
10 Ukrainian Parliamentary Election 26-Oct-2014 35373498 15752509 44.53% 10-Nov-2014
Includes Single Mandate District Results Table
Data extracted from

The election drop down list on the top of the information panel displays the dates of each election. By selecting a new date the data is loaded and displayed.

Candidate selection

There are six candidates/parties listed on the information panel These are the top six candidates or parties.  Other candidates/parties information shown by selecting the required candidates from the drop down list located next to the election statistics panel above the districts table 

Voter Turnout

You can view the turnout  statics map by selecting turnout button below the candidates buttons or via the candidates drop down list (Voter Turnout statistics is not available for 2004 and 2006 elections. We hope to revisit past data and add it to the collection when time permits).


There are three percentages displayed. National, Regional and Candidate
National is the percentage of a the total vote nationally
Regional is the percentage of the total vote per region.
Candidate is percentage of a candidates or party's total vote

Voter turnout percentage is a comparison with the number of registered voters for each region/nationally

You select which percentage you want to display using the three buttons located above the elections statistics display


There are three scale button setting that can be used to change the scale settings useful when viewing smaller candidates information. The region map shading is based on the percentage of each region times the scale selected. The map shows the value derived  As a region exceeds 100% in scale it becomes black saturated n color. The default scale setting, the middle button, is currently set to 10. Yo can adust the scale by pressing the +/- buttons the range is 0 to 20 times the step ratio.

Single Mandate data table

Single mandate election results can be viewed by selecting a district from the districts table and pressing the button next to the candidates list box. Press this button again to hide the single mandate results table

Mouse movement

As the mouse moves around the map it shows the results and percentage in a information balloon for each district the mouse hovers over. Information in the elections statistics panel is also updated as the mouse moves over each region.  Not there are three region boxes Kyiv, Sevastopol and Foreign Embassies.

By clicking on the map region the regions data grid is selected a second click on the selected region updates the display in the districts data grid.

XML data download

You can down load a copy of the XML data file fro the elections currently displayed by clicking on the XML icon above the elections regions data table.


The map is provided for information only. It is not the official results  You are welcomed to l;ink to it and use its contents. Whilst every effort has been made to ensure that the data and information is correct users are advised to rely only on the official published source. 


Saturday, November 01, 2014

Oct 26 Election Results - Single Member Mandates

The October 26, 2014 Election Results (Preliminary)

Single Member Mandates
Disctricts Candidates Party
97 self nominated
18 Political party "NARODNYY FRONT"
6 SVOBODA party
2 Political party "Opozytsiynyy blok"
2 All-Ukrainian Union "Batkivshchyna"
1 Political party SAMOPOMICH Union
1 Political party "PRAVYY SEKTOR"
1 Partiia "Sylna Ukraina"

Percentage of vote No of Districts won
20% to 25% 30
25% to 30% 32
30% to 35% 35
35% to 40% 26
40% to 45% 23
45% to 50% 11
>50% 32