Wednesday, July 23, 2014

False Flag Op not beyond belief

Kyiv has the motive, the means and the opportunity.

InfoWars: Black Boxes now in London, Kyiv commandeered Air Traffic control Tapes

In addition to releasing the Traffic Controller tapes Kyiv must also subject their BUK missile launches to a full independent International forensic audit to determine if any Missiles have been launched or gone missing.

I am afraid that this is a False Flag Operation that is designed to give the US "the right to invade Ukraine on the pretense of securing the crash site.  Even though the Crash site is secure as both the OSCE and Malaysia Airlines have stated.  Those attending to the crash site are professional police and emergency service staff.  They same people that would attend a plane crash had it happened outside of a civil war conflict.

If you think that the notion of Ukraine forces shooting down the plane is beyond belief think again.

Kyiv Feb 21, Maidan Sniper/Provocateur killed over 100 people. Including Police and Protestors. Suspect Right Sector Ultra Nationalist

Odessa May 2. organized Pogrom and attack on pro-Russian protest site at the Union House People wearing red arm bands threw Molotov cocktails and fired shots into the building.   It was later discovered that those indie had been murdered strangled and shot Including a pregnant women strangled with an electric power card and then set alight.

Mariupol May 8. Armed Right Sector Militia sanctions by Kyiv's interim Government stormed the local police station killing all inside for what is said to be a reprisal attack for the police not carrying out the order of the Kyiv junta

If they can do that then the idea of shooting down an international airliner to "burn bridges" between Russia and Ukraine in order to secure international support and provide support and pretense for US invasion is not beyond belief.