Friday, February 13, 2009

Yushchenko under pressure to resign

Ukraine's President, Viktor Yushchenko is increasingly coming under pressure to resign in the midst of an ongoing debilitating feud and conflict between the Office of the President and Ukraine's Prime Minister, Yulia Tymoshenko.

Yushchenko continues to undermine the Ukraine's Government with his latest attack aimed at destabilising Ukraine's gas deal that settled a dispute with Russia that left Europe without gas and in the cold

There is growing concern that amidst the current global financial crisis the ongoing battle and struggle between the parliament and the Office of the President is having a detrimental effect on Ukraine's economy.

According to recent polls support for Victor Yushchenko following his attempts to dismiss Ukraine's parliament and the Tymoshenko government late last year has slumped to less then 4%, the lowest level of support for a head of state in the world.

Ukraine is due to hold presidential elections by the end of the year

With less then 4% public support Viktor Yushchenko can not win a second term of office. Yushchenko, if he contests the next Presidential election, would be not survive the first round ballot. Any attempt by the President to hold on to office by declaring a state of emergency, as has been suggested, would bring Ukraine close to breaking point with the serious possibility of political and civil unrest.

A long and protracted presidential contest is not good for a country that is already struggling to financially. Ukraine needs to establish political stability and take positive steps to restore confidence in its financial security.

Pressure is mounting for the President to announce his resignation in order to facilitate an early Presidential ballot, paving the way for a Summer/Fall election as opposed to holding on to office and forcing an election in the middle of Ukraine's harsh winter.

There are many in Ukraine who believe that an early presidential election would be best for the country and that the President announcing his resignation would be the cleanest way in which to allow for early elections to take place and avoiding the need for the Parliament to consider possible impeachment proceedings against Yushchenko.

Victor Yushchenko's dwindling public support has diminished the President's effectiveness with many people both within and outside of Ukraine opting to ignore the President altogether.

Early Presidential elections would be seen as a way of putting an end to the uncertainty and conflict that has paralysed Ukraine during his term of office. The sooner Yushchenko announces his intention to resign, the sooner Ukraine can unite elect a new head of state and move forward.