Friday, January 15, 2010

Huntington theory: Shift in power

The Moscow Times has a brief, yet interesting, summary  of the potential outcome of Sunday's Ukrainian Presidential election.

It glosses over the shift on power and the balances that will remain, in the short term at least.

It does make a strong point in its closing paragraph

... whoever wins will likely change Ukraine’s constitution, which as currently constructed virtually guarantees perpetual conflicts between the president and prime minister. Experts generally agree that a presidential system is worse than a parliamentary one, but they also agree that a mixed presidential-parliamentary system such as Ukraine’s is by far the worst.

The best option would be for Ukraine to adopt a full parliamentary model in line with other European States.

The question is who will undertake this challenge and sacrifice presidential power and authority for the sake of the nation.  The answer to this question is the person who should be elected president