Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Yuschenko's Last Gasp Will.

The Den has an interesting article that follows on from our previous post.

In this article Yuschenko makes specious and telling statements

First, he said that there are no legitimate grounds for an early dissolution of the Verkhovna Rada because there is no decision by the Constitutional Court. (The same situation existed in 2007 yet Yuschenko put Ukraine's stability at risk and plunged the country into seven months of political and social crisis)

The best was last: after the live broadcast was over the President announced his political “will”: he wants to have an effective democratic European Constitution.

This is a lie.Yushchenko has consistently undermined Ukraine's democratic development and opposed Ukraine adopting a European Parliamentary democracy in line with European Standards and other European States.In fact his proposed amendments to Ukraine's Constitution takes a backward step away from European democracy, most notably his desire to revert back to a Soviet Style Presidential system and adopt first past the post majority voting

Yuschenko has had just under five years to implement reform and democratic change. He has failed on all accounts. His proposed amendments to Ukraine's constitution would see Ukraine transformed into a federation of regions.

Yuschenko in the interview states that he will be running for President

All the serious political commentators know that Yuschenko has no chance of being re-elected to office. Yuschenko's stated "Will" has had Arsenii Yatseniuk very much worried.

Arsenii Yatseniuk responded to the president’s message. He said that now he has three main competitors. “The competition will be very tough, and it will be even tougher after the president’s announcement made yesterday

Volodymyr FESENKO, director of the Penta Center for Applied Political Research:

“I believe that the President has not made up his mind yet about his political future. He wants to put a brave face on a sorry business. He says that he’ll participate in the presidential race, and at the same time he tellingly uses the word ‘will’ in a sort of a Freudian slip. A person would speak about a ‘will’ when he is about to leave, in this case, the political life. If Yushchenko is already thinking about his will, it implies that he has no delusions about his chances to win the presidential elections.

“What concerns political reforms suggested by the president, I think that most of them stand no chance of being realized, because Yushchenko has too little time in office. “Perhaps this was his last attempt to win people’s trust. But I think that he has already lost all his chances. It started these kinds of activities too late. I think it is too late to promise to reconstruct the country when you have less than a year in office.”

Ihor LOSIEV, Associate Professor, Department of Cultural Studies at Kyiv Mohyla Academy:

“The press conference made a two-fold impression. On the one hand, the president said many correct words. He spoke about the need to resolutely combat corruption (although everyone is speaking but not doing anything about it now), reform the judicial system, and abolish total parliamentary immunity. He also made a very important statement that the key to the Ukraine–Russia relations are not in Kyiv but in Moscow. Not much is being said about it in Ukraine. It is believed that Ukraine is quite powerful and can resolve problems that concern the two countries on its own. “This is all very correct, clever, and logical. However, only one thought lingers: who is going to put it all into life and why, after nearly five years, nothing has been done? Everybody knows and understands everything, but nobody is able to do anything.

“Generally, there is no secret about what needs to be done. All the people who have at least some understanding know what needs to be done but nobody is doing anything and that is the problem.

“It is, of course, Yushchenko’s right to take part in the elections. However, he needs to consider whether this will help the political forces that will be realizing his wishes or cause major problems for them.”