Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Ukraine's Proposed Presidential Election Frozen

Ukraine's Constitutional Court has ruled against an Autumn Presidential Election, Freezing the date for the election and throwing the country into further political and economic uncertainty.

The decision of the Constitutional Court comes as no surprise but is of no comfort to Ukraine's President, Viktor Yushchenko, either

Yushchenko's desperate attempt to cling on to power for an additional three months, will force Ukraine to the polls in the midst of Ukraine's bitter cold winter. With temperatures well below freezing a January Election is not going to improve Yushchenko chances of a surprise victory. Recent opinion polls indicate a public support for Viktor Yushchenko as low as 2.2%.

The last things Ukraine needs is a prolonged Presidential campaign.

The sooner Ukraine can go to the polls and elect a new head of state the better off Ukraine will be.

A prolonged campaign would only add to political and economic uncertainty.

If Yushchenko cared for Ukraine and upheld democratic values he would realise he can not win a second term of office and he would offer his resignation so as to pave the way for an early presidential ballot in Autumn.

Do not expect Yushchenko to act in the best interest of Ukraine. In fact we can expect that things will get worst as Yushchenko once again, in an act of desperation, seeks to destabilise Ukraine and try and force another round of Parliamentary elections.

In 2007 Victor Yushchenko unconstitutionally dismissed Ukraine's previous Parliament throwing Ukraine into seven months of political turmoil and civil unrest. In 2008, Yushchenko then sought to dismiss Ukraine's current parliament in order to prevent the parliament from reaching consensus and support for Constitutional change.

Yushchenko's planned Presidential coup was derailed when his own political faction rebelled and rejected his attempts to dismiss the Tymoshenko lead Government.

Recent events in Germany has seen one of the main leaders of the Presidential rebellion, Ukraine's Interior Minister - Yuri Lutsenko, forced to resign.

Those connected to the President are expected to use Lutsenko's resignation as a means to further destabilize Ukraine in the hope of resurrecting Yushchenko's proposed Presidential coup and the possibility of extending Yushchenko's term of office.

If Yushchenko is to try and make a move he will have to do so before July. Come July the President loses the authority to dismiss Ukraine's parliament. (Ukraine's Constitution Article 90)