Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Yushchenko's poll slide to oblivion

The latest Public Opinion poll conducted by Kyiv International Institute of Sociology (KIIS) lists Ukraine's former President, Viktor Yushchenko, with less then 1.6% support.  If fresh parliamentary elections were held Yushchenko's Our Ukraine would lose representation in Ukraine's parliament.

If the results of the poll were translated into parliamentary seats only five parties representing 64.7% of the electorate would cross the 3% representation threshold.  - Party of Regions would win an absolute majority with 253 seats and a constitutional majority (>300) with the support of  Sergei Tigipko's Strong Ukraine.

Yulia Tymoshenko would win only 95 seats, Arsenyi Yatsenyuk 30 and the Communist Party of Ukraine 21 seats.

Parliamentary speaker Volodymir Lytvyn would lose representation along with Yushchenko's Our Ukraine.

Over 13% of the electorate are undecided.

Party Leader Percentage Seats
Party of Regions Viktor Yanukovych 36.40% 253
Bloc Yulia Tymoshenko Yulia Tymoshenko 13.60% 95
Strong Ukraine Sergei Tigipko 7.30% 51
Front for change Arsenyi Yatsenyuk 4.30% 30
Communist Party of Ukraine Petro Symenko 3.10% 21
Civil Initiative Anatolii Hrytsenko 1.60%
Svoboda Party Oleh Tiahnybok 1.60%
Our Ukraine Viktor Yushchenko 1.40%
Bloc Lytvyn Volodymyr Lytvyn 1.30%
Vitalii Klychko Bloc Vitalii Klychko 1.00%
Yedynyi Tsentr Party  Viktor Baloha 0.20%
Socialist Party Oleksandr Moroz 0.20%
Against All
Will not vote
100.00% 450

Kyiv International Institute of Sociology polled 1,226 people aged 18 and above in all regions of Ukraine from March 19 to 28. The statistical error does not exceed 2.9%.