Ukraine Votes: 45% Voter Turnout lowest on record

October Ukrainian Election lowest turnout on record

With 35Million voters registered (Including Crimea) less than 15.5Million voters participated with the most of the non participants coming from Eastern Ukraine. The voter turnout was lower in all Regions (Oblasts)

By comparison we compared the 2012 Parliamentary elections to the October 26, 2014 election.

35800128 registered
20388019 (56.94%) voted
 35373498 registered
~15772155 (44.58%) voted

A difference of 12.37% or 4.73 million voters

* Crimea represents ~02.04% voters

Most if not all of the non-voters in 2014 would have supported Party of Regions or the Communist Party of Ukraine

For detailed publication of election results Click here see our dynamic election map 

Official Election results CVK website


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