Monday, June 12, 2006

Could Ukraine become a dictorship

Victor Yushchenko rules out parliamentary election rerun

Interfax-Ukraine reports Yushchenko as saying there will not be a rerun Parliamentary election. This send the wrong signals given that the President's Our Ukraine Party have just stated that negotiations on the formation of an Orange coalition have failed.

Could Ukraine become a dictatorship with Yushchenko at the helm?

If there is no working coalition formed before June 25 then Ukraine will enter a catch 22 constitutional Crises leaving Victor Yushchenko and the former Government in control.

As previously reported unless this situation is resolved quickly then Ukraine will begin to suffer economically. Ukraine will suffer a loss of confidence, the one thing business does not like is uncertainty.

Our Ukraine appear to have been edging or trying to find excuses to not form a government. Their demand first for Yulia Tymoshenko to not be re-appointed Prime-minister failed to attract support, now they are looking to shift responsibility to the third coalition partner, The Socialists, claiming for themselves the right to appoint the Parliamentary Speaker. The Socialists hold the view that as Our Ukraine holds the President's position, Yuylia Tymoshenko should be appointed Prime-Minister and the Socialists should have the Speakers chair.

It is difficult to ascertain why Our Ukraine is prepared to put so much at risk over what is really a trivial issue. Our Ukraine would be better off securing the major financial/economic portfolios and steer from the rear. instead they are prepared to risk all and plunge Ukraine into the abyss, further undermining public confidence in the President.

Viktor Yushchenko instead of staying home to resolve the potential crisis of confidence continues on his world tour as if there is no problem or it is not his responsibility.

24 hours is a long time in politics but one can not help but wonder if those involved, Our Ukraine in particular are sincere about developing a true democratic state.

Yuschenko rules out parliamentary election rerun

Kyiv, June 12 (Interfax-Ukraine) - Ukrainian President Viktor Yuschenko has ruled out the possibility of repeat parliamentary elections despite the current impasse in talks on the formation of a governing coalition.

"Remember - there will be no repeat elections. Today you have been entrusted with responsibility for the country, and this means that you must form a majority. External and internal threats require consolidation and not egoism on the part of Ukrainian politicians. This is what the president and Ukrainian society expect from you," Yuschenko said in a radio address.