Thursday, June 08, 2006

Government on hold

as President continues his world tour

Ukraine's Parliament met for 15 minutes yesterday (June 7) only to decide to adjourned for seven days to allow negotiations for the formation of a governing coalition. The cost of holding the 15 minute session must be considerable even in Ukrainian terms.  Accommodation, staff salaries and associated costs must rise into the thousands of dollars. 
Last week Yulia Tymoshenko claimed that the coalition would be finalised in time for June 7. The date came and went.  If this situation happened in the west there would be a serious crises of confidence as uncertainty brings instability. In the meantime Ukraine continues on as if nothing really matters or they have learnt to just take what comes.  In the end they fell they have no real say in what happens. It's all in the lap of the gods so to speak.
Ukraine's President, Viktor Yushchenko, continues his ongoing never ending travel abroad visiting the Netherlands.  His advice to the negotiators is to reflect on the wishes of the Ukrainian people who voptes over 2 months ago. (Its hard to know what to read into this statement) he also added that he has the power to appoint a number of the positions, implying that he intends to wield what little power he has. no one seams to have told him or he continues to deny the fact that Ukraine has moved on and adopted a Parliamentary democracy and that the President is no longer the head of government only a head of state. As such his role is somewhat different then it was in the past.  It seams that the President will continue to create more opportunity for the intelligentsia, lawyers and media junkies as Ukraine's Constitution is put through its paces.  in the end the President and his men are hoping that the system will collapse and they will have the chance of re-writing Ukraine's constitution, something the President has suggested but no one knows what it is he wants to change and put in its place.