Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Latest polling figures published by Interfax. Party of Regions would secure 50% of the Parliament in fresh parliamentary elections

Latest polling figures published by Interfax proves interesting reading.

If fresh Parliamentary elections were held today, Viktor Yanukovych, Party of Regions would secure 50% of the Parliamentary positions.

And depending on who Party of regions supported for the President's job their nominee would face Yulia Tymoshenko in a run off battle for President, with the incumbent President, Viktor Yushchenko, on 11% loosing in the first round.

The poll indicates that only 59.7 percent would vote for a political party that exceeds the arbitrary 3% threshold level. That leave 30% of Ukrainians disenfranchised .

Clearly there is need for electoral reform.

Under the current system Party of Regions would see their 29.9% of the vote elect 50% of the positions available.

The adoption of a preferential voting system would allow voters who support minor parties to choose who should represent them in the parliament as opposed to the scaling up of the votes that support parties that exceed the 3% threshold quota

Yanukovych Most Popular Politician In Ukraine - Poll

KYIV. Feb 6 (Interfax) - Ukrainian Prime Minister Viktor Yanukovych is the only politician in the country whose work is supported by more people than disapproved of, according to a poll of 2,025 respondents no younger than 18, which the Sofia social survey center conducted in all regions of Ukraine on January 19-26.

The poll showed that 49.3% of the respondents support Yanukovych course, while 46.2% are critical about it, Oleksandr Levtsin of Sofia said. Yulia Tymoshenko, a former primer minister and currently an influential parliamentary leader, is trusted by 37.1%, and former parliamentary speaker and People's Party leader Volodymyr Lytvyn by 35.5%. Former President Leonid Kuchma is trusted by only 1.2%.

More than half of those polled - 51.6% - are convinced that the prime minister is a strong leader capable of consolidating the nation and radically changing the situation in the country. Only 23.5% of those polled consider him a weak politician incapable of changing the situation in the country for the better.

Nearly half of the respondents - 46.1% - would not support the holding of early parliamentary elections, 24.3% support this idea, and the rest were either indifferent to it or were undecided.

If parliamentary elections were held within a week, the Party of Regions would receive 29.9% of the vote, the Batkivshchyna party 18.2%, Our Ukraine 7.9%, the Communist Party 3.7%, and the rest of the parties would get no more than 3%.

Another 10.8% were undecided, and 11.9% would refuse to vote.

If presidential elections were held within the next week, Yanukovych would garner 32.5% of the vote in the first round, Tymoshenko 19.3%, President Viktor Yushchenko 11.1%, and Communist Party leader Petro Symonenko 3.7%. The rest of potential presidential candidates, including Lytvyn, presidential advisor Yuri Lutsenko, parliamentary speaker Oleksandr Moroz, and Progressive Socialist Party leader Natalya Vitrenko, would receive less than 3% of the vote. As many as 5.4% would vote against all, and 8.2% would not go to the polling stations.

If Yanukovych and Tymoshenko proceeded to the second round, Yanukovych would be supported by 41.9% and Tymoshenko by 31.2%, 12% would vote against both, and 9.1% would not cast their ballots.

If Yanukovych and Yushchenko competed in the second round of the elections, the current premier would be supported by 42.1% and president by 23.8%, and 18.1% would vote against all.

If Yushchenko and Tymoshenko would be in the runoff, Yushchenko would get 17% and Tymoshenko 29.7%, but 32.4% would vote against all.

As many as 32.3% of the respondents assess the work of the Yanukovych government partially positively, 21.7% basically positively, 24.6% basically negatively, and 17.7% believe it is too early yet to assess this government's performance.