Friday, February 09, 2007

Moroz warns of Presidential plot to destabilize Ukraine's economic and democratic development in order to regain power

Spring Attack Warning - Olexander Moroz

Viktor Yushchenko, "Our Ukraine" and Yulia Tymoshenko must think twice before opening Pandora's box.

Olexander Moroz. leader of the Socialists Party of Ukraine, today express his concern that Ukraine's President and his Party Our Ukraine and Yulia Tymoshenko bloc are actively planning to destabilize Ukraine's political and democratic development in the hope of securing fresh parliamentary election that will see them elected to a more favourable position that what they managed to achieve in the March 2006 Parliamentary election.

There is no justification that warrants the dismissal of the governing coalition which was formed after Our Ukraine failed to compromise and negotiate a role and position in the parliamentary government.

The March 2006 Parliamentary elections were acknowledged by all major political forces and international observers to have been a fair and democratic contest.

If the President summarily dismisses the Parliament without just cause and continues down the path of destabilization of Ukraine's democratically elected parliament then the people will lose all confidence in the democratic system and Ukraine will fall into a situation of civil unrest.

Olexander Moroz speaks the truth when he warns of the dire consequences of such action. If they continue down this path and succeed in having the parliament dismissed their is the potential of major civil unrest and even the possible of a protracted civil war.

We hope it does not come to this and that common sense will prevail.

Socialists revealed Yushchenko plan

The Socialistic Party of Ukraine is convinced that the Secretariat of the President tries to create joint opposition in the Verkhovna Rada in order to destabilize the situation in the country.

The press service of the SPU spread the correspondent statement of the SPU.

The SPU considers that statements of the people’s deputies Yulia Tymoshenko and Vyacheslav Kyrylenko “On joint oppositional activity in the Parliamentary” is “practical implementation of the program of destabilization of political situation, managed by the Secretariat of the President of Ukraine, the constituent part of which is to press on the Parliament by forces of oppositional deputies.”

The socialists consider that the true reason of statement “On joint oppositional activity in the Parliament” is a wish to cancel changes in the Constitution and to get the dismissal of the Parliament.

The SPU warns the society about risky character of acts of those who calls upon confrontation, destabilization and so called “spring attack”