Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Stavniychuk resigns from secretariat on eve of Presidential election

Ukraine's embattled Viktor Yushchenko's deputy head of the Presidential Secretariat of Ukraine Maryna Stavniychuk intends to submit her resignation.

According to the sources Maryna Stavniychuk had a falling out with Yushchenko's new head of the secretariat, Vera Ulianchenko, relating to the subordination of the main national legal service of the Presidential Secretariat. Raising concerns over Maryna Stavniychuk’s domain of competence and efforts by the head of the President's secretariat to reign in Stavniychuk.

Maryna Stavniychuk was Yushchenko's Constitutional voice and representative to Ukraine's Constitutional Court.

Stavniychuk's resignation is another blow to Yushchenko's campaign as she was the pivot point for Yushchenko's push for Constitutional reform and the restoration of Presidential dominance over Ukraine.

It is unclear if Maryna Stavniychuk's resignation also includes her resignation as Ukraine's representative on the Venice Commission. Looks like her career has come to an abrupt end.