Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Tymoshenko to be forced from office next week

Mig News is reporting a plot to overthrow and remove Yulia Tymoshenkop as Ukraine's Prime-minister with Party of Regions teaming up with Ukraine's President, Viktor Yushenko to oust Tymoshenko as early as next week.

The leader of the Communist Party of Ukraine Petro Symonenko hinting that a proposal to dismiss the government will be submitted this week at the Verkhovna Rada.

“Politicians are going to make a new constitutional agreement. Yushchenko will sign it together with the so-called majority in the parliament”.

The dismissal of the government will not result in a new coalition being formed and as such will force the Parliament to agree to fresh elections

The political coup and dismissal of the Prime-minister could lead to the failure of presidential elections in Ukraine and as such prolonging Viktor Yushchenko's term of office, Petro Symonenko claims. “It is an obvious way to the instability in our state”

Earlier this month Party of Regions stated that it was not intending to support proposals to dismiss the Government prior to the January 2010 Presidential elections.

As is always the case in Ukraine - It's best to wait and see. Similar plots and Presidential coups have failed to eventuate.