Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Yushchenko advised not to run for second term

Yushchenko advised to abandon the election so as not to disgrace the office of the President

Former President (1991-1994 period), Leonid Kravchuk believes it inappropriate participation of President Viktor Yushchenko's candidate for President in 2010.

"If the incumbent President (Viktor Yushchenko) dares to take part in the elections and receives only 6.5% of the vote, he would have nowhere to run away, closing his eyes with shame," - he said.

Kravchuk explained that he had nothing against the President personally, but he did not want the status of the disgraced President, reported "Ukrainian News".

Kravchuk, recalled that when he went to an early presidential election in 1994, he knew he could win but scored 46% of the votes.

"It's all the other presidential candidates could afford to collect on a half percent - and current head of state today should not participate in the elections," - said Kravchuk. He added that Yushchenko does not understand the strategy in this regard.

Viktor Yushchenko, who has less then 4% support has announced his intention to participate in the presidential elections scheduled for January 17, 2010.