Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Poll: Analysis - Negatives, Positives and Recognition trends 50 days out

Research and Branding have published the detailed survey results of their 50 days to go poll.  It shows some very interesting data.  Most notably was the candidate's negative rating poll.  Viktor Yushchenko, Ukraine;s incumbent President, top the list with 74.6% of respondents rating him negatively. Next came Yulia Tymoshenko at 50.1% Petro Symonenko at 53.7% , Arseniy Yatseniuk at 49.9% and Yanukovych on 41.8%

Lytvyn and Yanukovych were the two highest polling candidates in the positive scale. 4.9% said they did not know Tigipko and 1% did not know Yatseniuk.

The six month trend graph showed Yanukovych and Tigipko overall picking up support whilst every other candidate remained flat or in decline.