Friday, June 27, 2014

CNN Propoganda: Many questions not asked

CNN's  Christiane Amanpour left so much out from the interview with Poroshenko and let him off the hook on may issues as he tried to deflect attention or accept responsibility for Ukraine's Crisis.

The Ukrainian Crisis can not be won by a military solution.  The riots in Kyiv were the flash point that set off a serious of events in Ukraine. It undermined rule of law causing a loss of confidence.  Radical Right sector forces have been  allowed to act with impunity, The atrocities in Odessa and Mariupol must not be forgotten and those responsible MUST be held to account for their crimes against Humanity.

the black shirt unformed militia MUST be disbanded. The State can not just gave them Uniforms and sanctions the killing and slaughter of citizens

There still remain serious issues of legality of the Presidency. Ukraine now has two Presidents. One elected constitutionally and Poroshenko who was elected unconstitutionally. Yanukovych still have not resigned or been impeached.  Can you just suspend the constitution and claim that the process was legitimate?

There were 35.5  Million voters e entitled to vote n Ukraine. the turnout on May 25 was 19Mil or 51%. Poroshoenko received 9.7Mil votes (27%) Including Crimea,Lugansk and Donetsk. Crimea represents 2%.

It is rightly argued that the pogrom and attacks on Eastern Ukraine were designed to  prevent Eastern Ukraine from voting. Had they fully participated in the election then Poroshenko would have had to face a runoff ballot. He would not have secured an absolute majority of those who would voted. That not to say he would not have won a run off ballot had one been held under more favorable conditions.


Crimea has never seen itself as a part of Ukraine. It was never given the right to chose. Even under Ukraine's governance it remained an Autonomous Republic. The people of Crimea saw what happened in Kyiv and acted swiftly to succeed from Ukraine. I have no doubt that the referendum held in Crimea was a reflection of the people of Crimea. those that claim otherwise are lying or do not know Crimea.

Ukraine has lost Crimea. Given the events that unfolded since February 20 riots in Kyiv and the massacre in Odessa and Eastern Ukraine the concerns of the Crimean people have been proved correct and well founded.  They will not return. It would require another referendum to bring about unification and Crimeans will not agree to this.  So Poroshenko should kiss Crimea good bye and work on the realities that he now faces,

if Poroshenko is sincere about a unified Ukraine he must fulfill promises on regional autonomy, Language rights and maintain a close working relationship with Russia, Ukraine MUST reject any suggestion of ever joining NATO. In fact Ukraine's nutralit6y should be stated clearly in Ukraine's Constitution.

Constitutional reform

In addition t issues of Neutrality and NON NATO membership Ukraine need to address issues of Governance and reform of the judicial system. It must restore the functioning of Ukraine's Constitutional Court and ensure its independence

It MUST also stop looking to the US for guidance and models of government.  Instead it should look to Europe

It must abandon the Presidential system and adopt a full parliamentary model as recommended by PACE and the Venice Commission back in 2007.  the head of state should be elected by a Constitutional Majority for Ukraine's representative Parliament as is the case in Estonia. Latvia, Hungary and a host of other European Republics.

Poroshenko must place the interest of Ukraine ahead of his own personal ambitions.

if he fails to address these issues he will be another failed President like Yushchenko  who has 54% support support and by the end of his term of office had dropped to below 5%/

To date he is not showing signs of heading in the right direction. But it is still early days

His biggest and most challenging task in the immediate future is to disband and remove the Right Sector Including Yarosh from positions of authority and control.