Saturday, September 23, 2006

Our Ukraine rejects offer by Yulia Timoshenko

Invitation to Our Ukraine to join former Orange Coalition partner in Opposition

Ukraine needs a strong opposition if it is to hold the new Government to account.

The offer by Yulia Timoshenko for Our Ukraine to join the opposition was a good tactical move as it shows up Our Ukraine for what they are. Meanwhile Our Ukraine continues to hold out hope that it might join the governing coalition. Negotiations are proceeding as Our Ukraine's 10 day deadline approaches.

"It is better to be a dog inside and well feed then a dog stuck out in the cold. Pavlov's dog continues to bark at the door hoping to be let inside."

Our Ukraine bloc has no intention to team up with Timoshenko
Source: ITAR-TASS September 22, 2006

KIEV, September 22 (Itar-Tass) -- The just-created inter-factional opposition association in the Ukrainian parliament has incorporated only part of the Yulia Timoshenko faction and two Socialists.

"There is not a single deputy from the Our Ukraine faction," a member of Our Ukraine faction, Boris Bespaly, said after Yulia Timoshenko claimed most of Our Ukraine members would side with the Opposition.

"If Our Ukraine receives any proposals on that score, we shall consider them, just as any other proposals. So far there have been no such steps by Yulia Vladimirovna, although she has systematically predicted the emergence of a powerful opposition in parliament uniting Our Ukraine and her own bloc."

Bespaly said he has no confirmation any of Our Ukraine's members have taken part in talks with Timoshenko.

"There is the objective reality. Everything else is either daydreaming or fantasies by Yulia Vladimirovna and her entourage," Bespaly said.