Thursday, September 14, 2006

Our Ukraine set deadline for new coalition

Countdown to oblivion


Our Ukraine makes ultimatum as ten day count down commences:

Anatoly Matvienko Our Ukraine spokesperson declares "Ten days is enough time to if no agreement reached ... It will prove that there is no word in the politics but only absolutely opportunistic approach and profit-making policy"

This looks more like an escape clause and more hypocrisy..

Our Ukraine could not form, or to be more precise would not agree to form an Orange coalition after three 3 months of negotiations.

As a result of Our Ukraine's actions the anti-crisis coalition was formed with Olexander Moroz, Socialist Party of Ukraine, taking direct action to avoid a major political and constitutional crisis.

Our Ukraine do not deserve trust or respect. Forget them if they want to join they will if not get on with the role of governing and repairing the divisions and damage generated by Our Ukraine.

Let the dog sleep outside, Their betrayal and lust for power will after time for reflection help them in opposition.

They had their chance to form government and failed to act preferring to undermine the creation of a Parliamentary democracy in the hope of creating a crisis and grounds for the President of Ukraine to rule by decree.

Our Ukraine is serious divided with half of the Our Ukraine block supporting the formation of a broad coalition. Division and disunity of a sure fire recipe for disaster, Our Ukraine runs a serious risk of sinking into oblivion along with the Orange revolution which lies left rotting on the orchids floor.

Thursday, September 14 2006

The pro-presidential Our Ukraine bloc said Thursday it has given the Party of Regions 10 days to decide on forming a new coalition in parliament.

A parliamentary anti-crisis coalition, formed in June and comprising the Party of Regions, the Socialist Party and the Communist Party, has for the past two weeks been engaged in intensive consultations with Our Ukraine on the possibility of expanding the grand coalition.

In August, the parties signed a national unity agreement on key policy areas. But outstanding differences on some of its provisions prevented them from forming a common political platform in the Supreme Rada.

"Ten days is the maximum time within which members of the anti-crisis coalition can make up their minds," said Anatoliy Matviyenko, a member of the Our Ukraine parliamentary faction.

The pro-presidential bloc warned that otherwise it would move to the opposition.

"If this is not done, it will mean intentional retreat from the national unity agreement, and then we will have to switch to the opposition," Matviyenko said.

He said the six political forces comprising the bloc "are ready to search for a compromise, but we cannot violate fundamental positions on the pro-European choice, European integration, the EU, and the language policy."

Source: RIA Novosti