Thursday, September 14, 2006

Time out

As Our Ukraine delivers ultimatum repeating mistakes of the past

Hours after Our Ukraine lays down its ultimatum and sets a 10 day deadline for the formation of a broad coalition the working group on the formation of the new coalition takes time out. This looks like a repeat of events surrounding the failed negotiations of the formation of an Orange coalition.

At first our Ukriane tried to torpedo Yulia Tymosheko's reapppiontment as prime minister.

When public opinion and internal forces backed Yulia Tymoshenko. Our Ukraine then attacked Olexander Moroz, Socialist Party of Ukraine, and challenged him for the job of Parliaments speaker. Our Ukraine already held the position of President which it only won with the support of its Orange coalition partners.

Instead of agreeing to share responsibilities in partnership and accepting responsibility for major economic portfolios Our Ukraine continued to chart a course of pending disaster. Ukraine was facing a major political and constitutional crisis as a result of Our Ukraine's refusal to compromise.

In the end negotiations failed and Orange coalition turned sour. Time was running out and Olexander Moroz having lost confidence in Our Ukraine's in ability to reach agreement decided to act and supported the formation of the anti-crisis coalition. Our Ukraine played their cards to the very end where they eventually lost the game.

In ten days time if there is no agreement then Our Ukraine will hopefully make a positive contribution as members of the opposition. Come 2009 Our Ukraine may not exist in the future.

Thursday, September 14 2006

The working group on broad coalition formation has taken a time-out, Yevhen Kushanryov informed on Thursday.

“We asked for few days for examining a new reduction of the coalition agreement. Then we will be ready to launch talks and keep negotiating,” said Kusharyov.

Responding to Matvienko’s statement, Kushnaryov responded: “Pressure of any kind and acceleration may destroy the negotiation process.”

According to Kushnaryov, the talks will be continued when communists and socialists will be ready to do it. “Probably this week, we will return to the talks,” mentioned Kushnaryov.

He opined that the President of Ukraine and the Our Ukraine Party should admit that fact of other part of Ukraine’s existence.

Source: ForUm