Thursday, July 12, 2007

Bucking Trends

Poll shows Four Parties will be elected to Parliament and a win to the opposition

The analysis of a new poll published by predicts three parties being elected to parliament. The analysis published on the site is wrong as four parties will be elected according to the data published.

Based on a 85% participation rate four parties would be elected to the parliament.

The poll shows little gain for the Our Ukraine "Mega bloc" with Yulia Tymoshenko’s vote showing a 3% increase. Party of Regions is listed at 26% which is 7% lower then poll last week.

Analysis of the results of the poll based on 85% participation rate indicates

This poll also shows a high undecided vote

Parliamentary Seats

Date 12-Jul-07

Poll Social Perspective

PoR 181
BYuT 160
OU 90 * Includes PSD party
CPU 19
LB 0
UP 0


Gov 200
Opp 250