Monday, July 23, 2007

A host of stars line up to be elected

I want to see Verka Serduchka in Parliament?

Ukrainian 2007 Eurovision Song contest runner up, Verka Serduchka, has indicated s/he will run for Parliament.

Source: Ukrainska Pravda

There is nothing new in comedian celebrities running for public office. (Ukraine's previous Eurovision Contest winner was elected to the parliament in 2006)

Much of the challenge laid down by Ukraine's drag queen is more about media attention and publicity then it has to do with politics, policies, democracy or good governance.

If anything Verka Serduchka, Ukraine's infamous drag queen will provide some light entertainment if not seriously effect the outcome of Ukraine's election and international standing.

Verka Serduchka has yet to meet Ukraine's strict requirements for party registration before s/he can nominate for the election. Some commentators say that Verka Serduchka may even attack more then 3% of the vote, if that is true then s/he will also elect 15 more people.

Even if s/he does not reach the 3% threshold s/he will effect the overall outcome of the September 30 poll.

Votes supporting Verka Serduchka's candidature have to come from somewhere and more likely then not they will come from the disillusioned youth sector, the first time voters or those that feel that participating in the election will not produce any meaningful change or outcome.

Even if s/he does not obtain 3% of the vote required to get elected Verka Serduchka's campaign will effect the outcome of the election. His nomination will increase the voter participation rate which in turn determines the extent of the 3% threshold barrier, making it that much more difficult for parties such as Lytvyn, the Socialist Party and Natalia Vitrenko from being elected. More reasons why Ukraine should seriously consider adopting a preferential voting system.

It is early days yet and the full script is still in development.