Tuesday, January 29, 2008

EU wants 'political stability' in Ukraine before closer ties

A recent article published in the EU Observer indicates that Europe wants political stability in Ukraine before they embrace Ukraine ad offer membership.

The best way forward for Ukraine to establish political stability is for Ukraine to complete its transition from a Presidential 'rule by decree' dictatorship to a full Europe Parliamentary 'rule of law' democracy.

Ukraine must look to Europe for its political and Constitutional reforms ad ot the USA if it wants to become a part of the EU.

EU wants 'political stability' in Ukraine before closer ties
29.01.2008 - 09:19 CET By Elitsa Vucheva
EUOBSERVER / BRUSSELS - Ukraine needs to show political stability, as well as more political and economic reforms, in order for the country to win closer relations with the EU, European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso said on Monday (28 January).

"To achieve progress, we need political stability, we need a Ukraine that is really committed to political and economic reforms," he said after meeting Ukraine's new prime minister, Yulia Tymoshenko.

"We are confident that political stability can become a reality in Ukraine," he added.

Ms Tymoshenko is on a two-day visit to Brussels aiming to foster greater ties with the 27-member bloc.

Ukraine is currently part of the EU's neighbourhood policy, a tool designed to offer EU neighbours closer - or privileged - cooperation with the bloc, but that does not guarantee eventual EU membership.

But Kiev has been calling for closer relations with the EU for years, making it clear it wants to be considered a future member of the bloc.

"We are historically a European country, and although we have wasted some time, and not always done our homework, this new government will do its best to make up for lost time," Ms Tymoshenko told MEPs later on Monday.

But the EU has so far not gone further than promising Ukraine closer political cooperation and a future free trade agreement.

Discussions on trade issues are expected to start soon, now that it has been announced that the country is to join the World Trade Organisation (WTO) next month.

Kiev's candidacy will be put to the WTO's General Council meeting on 5 February and then followed by a six-month ratification process, according to news agency AFP.