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One year ago in review - Yymoshenko: "Our Ukraine" Shames Ukraine world over

News / 12 January 2007 16:05

Tymoshenko: “Our Ukraine” shames Ukraine world over

BYuT leader Yulia Tymoshenko blamed “Our Ukraine” faction for block of the parliamentary tribune, standing up not for people’s interests but for interests of separate persons. The ForUm’s correspondent informs.

“I would like to focus your attention on the fact that “Our Ukraine” blocked tribunes not for pension or living wage raise, not to throw out “RosUkrEnergo” from Ukraine or to cut the tariffs on housing and municipal services. They blocked tribune for their own posts; to keep state administration under their power,” she said.

On behalf of the whole BYuT faction, Tymoshenko stressed that voting for adoption of law on the Cabinet without consideration President’s amendments, “we conscientiously liquidate conflict that destroys the State, the conflict among the President, speaker and PM; it is our aim to make order in the country and not to shame it by home policy scandals.”

Moreover Tymoshenko said “Our Ukraine” faction destroyed orange team and all what could be destroyed. “They lead the PM Yanukovych and after this blamed us in something. It is a shame on “Our Ukraine” that they try to keep chaos in the country,” Tymoshenko said.



Ukrainetoday said...

It is a very interesting reflection on the events one year ago.

One year ago Yulia supported the Law on the Cabinet overriding the President veto,

The President has significant powers under Ukraine's constitution and only when those powers where brought Ito question did Yushchenko realise he had to tow the line or face the possibility of his significant power being removed. (So they should)

Whilst Yushchenko and Our Ukraine tried to clime that the Parliamentary system was undemocratic in reality it is democracy. (If not slanted to much towards the president)

The the president has the power of veto, a power that is more often then not open to abuse.

Under Ukraine's constitution there is an arduous check and balance that the parliament can override the president right of veto by a two-thirds majority. Not easy to secure.

Yulia played her cards. If Yushchenko was not prepared to do her bidding then she would play politics and support the Law on the Cabinet.

The Law on the Cabinet was fair and responsible it codified the relationship between the executive and the office of the president.

The article president here is very interesting in that it was a significant turning point in Ukraine political direction.

Yushchenko was brought to heal and Yulia held the reigns. When she asked Yushchenko to bark he had to bark.

Today Yulia is faced with the situation of repealing the legisltaion she supported. She should think twice before handing back to much power to the president.

It was obvious to all - even Thomas Martinez Jr. (Bellsouth Florida)

UkraineToday said...

News / 12 January 2007 | 16:45

BYuT supported anti constitutional upheaval?

“Our Ukraine” said that BYuT supported anti constitutional upheaval, having voted for overriding the President’s veto on the Cabinet law.

Today factions of so called anti crisis coalition in particular Party of Regions, Social party of Ukraine, Communists party of Ukraine and also BYuT overrode veto of the head of the State on law of Ukraine “On Cabinet of Ukraine.”

“Adopted law on the Cabinet, prepared mainly by the Party of Regions, is anti constitutional and aimed at monopolization of power by the PM, Government and so called anti crisis coalition.

The President of Ukraine and “Our Ukraine” introduced many amendments in the law on the Cabinet of Ukraine, but all of them were ignored,” “Our Ukraine” declaration says.

“Our Ukraine” considers it as anti constitutional upheaval and usurpation of power by so called anti crisis coalition in particular by Party of Regions and its obedient satellites SPU, CPU and from recent times BYuT.

“Our Ukraine” thinks one more examination for “Oranges” and democratic political forces took place today.

People’s deputies declared that after BYuT supported ant crisis upheaval by its voting there is only one force in the Parliament that will stand up for ideals of Maydan, this force is “Our Ukraine.”