Monday, January 28, 2008

Finland's Constitution worthy of consideration as a model for Ukraine

As Ukraine begins its fifth review of its Constitution it is worth taking a look at Finland's Constitution adopted in 1999.

Finland is a good example of an European Parliamentary democracy. both Countries border Russia and other EU states and Finland' s constitution would make a good model for Ukraine to consider.

If Ukraine sincerely wishes to be integrated and possible become a full member of then European Union then it must look to Europe and not the United States for its constitutional governance.

Most, if not all, the political crisis and struggles facing Ukraine have been as a direct result of the ongoing power struggle between the Office of the President and the elected Parliament.

Ukraine has only been a democracy for less then two years, and none months of that time was suspended as a result of the President's action designed to undermined Ukraine's democratic development.

The parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe in April 21007 recommended that Ukraine consider adopting a fully-parliamentary system of governance in line with other European States. Finland constitution would be an excellent base for any proposed reform.

Had Ukraine ot listeed to the lieks of US Judge Futely ad had it adopted a Europe style Paralaimetray system as did Estoia, Latvia, Polad, Hungary, Slovakia and Romainia Ukraie would more the likely be a member of the Europe Union by now.

The choice is clear.

Ukraine can either return to the dark days of Presidential "rule by decree" dictatorship or take a step forward and the adopt of a full European Parliamentary "rule of law" democracy.

I know which one I would chose. Do you?