Saturday, June 27, 2009

Yuschenko has become delusional and out of touch with reality and the Ukrainian people

Ukraine's embattled President, Viktor Yushchenko, is convinced that he will win Ukraine's next Presidential and Parliamentary elections.

With a support rating of less then 4% the only way Yushchenko can only survive the first round of voting is if the elections are rigged or he has signed a pact with the devil and sold Ukraine's soul.

His Party "Our Ukraine" support rating has slumped over Yushchenko's term of office. In 2006 they had 14% of the vote. In 2007 they merged with the People's Self-Defence Party and their combined vote remained at 14% (Peoples Self Defence Party where estimated to have 5% support which represents a decline in support for Our Ukraine by a corresponding 5 percentage points).

Current opinion polls place Yushchenko on 3.5% and Our Ukraine below 3%

If fresh parliamentary elections are held Our Ukraine, under Yuschenko's leadership, is likely to lose outright.

Our Ukraine, ignoring calls for Yushchenko to resign, has called on the Prime-minister Yulia Tymoshchenko to renounce her intention to nominate for the Presidency or resign.

Yuschenko's nomination for a second term of office will undermine support for Arseniy Yateniuk's newly created "Y-Front for change" party.

In a second round of voting Yushchenko's supporters, in a runoff between Yulia Tymochenko and Viktor Yanukovych, will split giving Yanukovych the the winning edge in the forthcoming presidential elections.

Next month will be a decisive moment in Yushchenko's fortune.

Yushchenko has called on Our Ukraine's Ministers to resign, undermining Ukraine's government in order for Yushchenko to seek to dismiss Ukraine's democratically elected parliament for a second time and hold another round of Parliamentary elections in October (a date that Yuschenko has rejected for the holding of Ukraine's Presidential elections).

On July 1 Ukraine will hold a special session of the parliament before it moves into Summer recess. Yushchenko has until August to come up with a valid excuse to terminate the authority of the Parliament and dismiss the Government.

The Parliament is scheduled to reconvene after the summer break on September 1 by which time Yushchenko would have lost authority to call fresh Parliamentary elections. (Article 90 of Ukraine's constitution)

Presidential elections are scheduled for January 17, 2010