Saturday, October 02, 2010

Call to the "West" falls on deaf ears as they remain silent

The West to a large extent also shares responsibility for the railing if the Ukrainian government. They stood by and watch democracy in Ukraine being rapped and said nothing.. 
In April 2007 Yushchenko unconstitutionally and illegally interfered with the independence of Ukraine;s Constitutional Court in order to prevent the court from ruling against his decision to dismiss Ukraine's democratically elected Parliament. Yanukovych at the time was prime minister, his term of office was cut short by a President who showed no respect for rule of law or democracy. 
The "West", and the Venice Commission in particular, stood by and remained silent was democracy and rule of law was being violated. They have no credibility or moral right to speak out against the violations have been complicit it its abuse and misuse previously.

Yes they should speak out but they should have also spoken out back in 2007.  If they stood up now  and said they got it wrong back in 2007 "they should have spoken out against the misuse and abuse by  Ukraine's President Victor Yushchenko". If they are prepared to admit to their own failings to the Ukrainian people may not speaking out,  then maybe they would regain  some credibility in criticising the events that are now unfolding.

What the "West" can do now is call for Ukraine go back to the negotiating table and to adopt a full Parliamentary model. If Ukraine wants to join the west then it should adopt European models and European values. If need be the Venice  commission could submit a draft constitution document that could be used as the bases of establishing a new democratic order and new constitution in Ukraine. A system that they, and hopefully others, can respect and accept. A system that remains committed to the ideals of democracy and governance by the peoples elected representatives.