Monday, October 25, 2010

Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of the Country

Ukraine democratic coalition needs a common policy for reform.

Where to?  Whats next?
Ukraine needs to form a "Democratic coalition" with a single goal of getting the foundation for a true independent democratic state right

Ukraine needs to rebuild the foundation stones of democracy.

It has to make a stand for set the agenda for reform.  

Get the foundations right and the rest should follow.  Get it wrong and the state will fall.

If the democratic coalition fails to come up with a united position then democracy in Ukraine will be a lost cause.

The coalition does not have to agree to support each other in government but it must be united in its position for democratic constitutional reform. 


In fulfillment and outline of some of the issues the following issues should be considered and adopted Issues that need to be agreed on.

1. Constitutional and Parliamentary reform.   

The coalition needs to advocate for a Parliamentary system of governance based on European democratic models.  It must also advocate a common position of reform to the parliament based on the principles of equality, fairness and effective representation.

If it wants to be a part of Europe then it needs to adopt European values and European models   A parliamentary system is the only form of government that can ensure Ukraine development as a democratic state.  It must abandon the Presidential system of governance.

2. Voting system  

It must reject proposals to introduce a first-past-the-post voting system. Such a system is outdated and undemocratic.    The method of v option must be proportional representation with preference given to a single transferable voting system 

3. Parliament

The parliament must be based on an open list proportional representation with local electorates.

4. Local multi-member Electorates

Consideration should be given to establishing 45 electorates with each electorate electing non members of parliament with a 10% quota.    

The method of election should be preferential Single Transferable vote using the Meek method or the wrought System of counting the vote.

5. System of governance.

The executive  

Ideally the parliament should adopt a Westminster style of government where the executive is elected from and by the parliament.

6. The Head of State  

The President should be elected by a constitutional majority of the Parliament with direct elections only occurring of the parliament is unable to agree on a suitable candidate.   

Elections of the president should be undertaken by a single round preferential voting ballot.  Voters rank in order of preference candidates of their choice.  (1, 2, 3 etc) of no single candidate has an absolute majority then the candidate with the lowest vote is excluded and their votes redistributed accounting to the nominated alternative vote preference. This process repeats itself until a single candidate has 50% or more votes.

7. Powers of the Head of State

The head of state should have  limited power and authority (See Finland's Constitution)  

A head of state should have a review oversight rill without the right of veto.  They should have oversight and administrative review of the Courts/Judiciary in association with the justice Council.  

The position of Ombudsman should also come under the office of the president, the appointment of ombudsman made with the consent and agreement of the parliament.

The role of the ombudsman is primarily advisory but the Ombudsman must have access to relevant documentation and right of review of government administration (Not policy).

The ombudsman can and should be able to refer matters arising form its investigations for review and action by the prosecutors office, which should act independently from the executive and possibly under the auspice of the office the president and on request by the executive in counsel.  All matters referred to the prosecutor's office must be decided by the appropriate judicial court.

Most of the above issues comply with the various recommendations outlined in the PACE/Venice Commission's reports on Ukraine.

Now is the time to act any delay in formation of a consolidated point of view will see Ukraine's chance for democratic reform pass it by.