Thursday, August 25, 2011

Ukraine: Only 5,000 protestors protest on Ukraine's Independance day,

5,000 people protest on Ukraine's Independence day admist reports of minor clashes with police and protestors who played up for the cemeras.  This is a very small number even by Ukrainian standards.  It looks like Viktor Yushenko's detrayal has taken its toll and Ukraine is no longer willing to defend democratic values.  Such is the extent of Yuzhshenko's detrayal. No one will trust him or democracy again.

Two decades and Ukraine is still not a democracy. 
The main obstacle being the President.  Former President Viktor Yushchenko opposed Ukraine becoming a full parliamentary democracy which would have seen power removed from the office of the President. 

Yushchenko's term of office was a complete disappointment with what few positives there were being overshadowed by negativity, division and betrayal.

Viktor Yanukovych when Prime Minister advocated democratic reform but soon after wining the Office of the President sought to consolidate power and reverse the democratic reforms that were made in 2005.

Ukraine will never be a free independent democratic state as long as it is beholden and subjected to presidential authority.

If Ukraine wants to be free it needs to adopt European values and European models of parliamentary governance as recommended by PACE and the Venice Commission.