Saturday, August 20, 2011

Worrying times and signs of repression: Ukraine faces international condemnation on its 20th anniversary

Ukraine is standing at the precipice with claims that the current administration is pursuing a policy of political retribution intimation and harassment.four members of the opposition are in detention and facing prosecution for decisions made whilst they were in government. The processes embarked on by the courts has violated the constitutional and human rights of those involved.  At the heart of the allegations is ex Ukrainian President Victor Yushchenko who himself has escaped prosecution for his abuse of power when he was in office. Yushchenko appears to have secured immunity from prosecution for himself and his family whilst extracting revenge from those who he had betrayed.

Foreignnotes has an excellent number of articles and commentary on the events surrounding this case including a link to a report by the Danish Helsinki Committee for Human Rights.  This report is a must read to try and understand some of the maneuvering that has been going on.

As Ukraine is about to celebrate its 20th Anniversary pressure builds on the international community to speak out against this abuse of power and authority. Yanukoych may have dug himself a hole that he can not climb out of. A hole that has the potential to cave in on top of Ukraine already weakened by the global financial crisis.