Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Winners are grinners: Losers protest

Allegations that the Russian parliamentary election is fraudulent just does not stack up to scrutiny.  Yes there are always going to be some errors in the conduct of any election,  But in Russia's case the allegation of corruption and suggestion that the overall election results do not reflect intention of the Russian people are dubious at best a US lead conspiracy at worst.   The results of Sundays Duma election are in line with expectations, public opinion polls and all exist polls.  The difference between United Russia who was on 49.5% and the next highest political party the Communist Party (19.9%) is too big of a gap to be claimed to be as a result of vote rigging.   Those that are protesting about the results of the election have a hidden agenda and Hillary Clinton is very much connected as she plays to the US electorate.

As you can be seen from the above graph of Levada polls, United Russia remains head and shoulders above the KPRF (Communists) and LDPR (populists). Fair Russia is on the 7% threshold

The Official Election Results are reflected in the Opinion Polls and also supported by Exit polls undertaken by independent election monitors.  If there was outright corruption than the results of the election would differ from Opinion polls and the exit polls.  They don't. If there were discrepancies in the conduct of the election they have not effected the overall result.

Which raises questions of doubt about the veracity of allegations now being waged by a group of dissidents in the Moscow streets and who is behind this civil unrest? Much of this has more to do with the 2012 Presidential elections then any concern  of civil unrest.