Monday, January 16, 2012

Wikileaks Ukraine: US Cables during the Yushchenko Years

Wikileaks US Government Cables from 2005 to 2010 covering all the main points of US interest during the Yushchenko years. 

Now available on its own web site with  full text search and commentary options.

A must read for anyone following Ukrainian modern political history.

(data extracted from the Wikileaks US Cables archive)

Other regional WiKileaks US Cables

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Anonymous said...

Ukraine does not like his people. Our politicians feed foreigners, world businessmen or more specifically "sharks", and leave their own daughters selling their meat to German or English during european championship. US cables condemn activities of Russians in Ukrainia? But what about others from China, Kazakhstan, India or even Algeria like this young man; Nabil Merabtene who had signed a public contract for gas transportation while he's just 35!!!
Yushchenko destroyed Ukrainia and Ukrainians, and we can't do anything except being the victims of a West/East war, financial war where only Ukrainian people suffers!