Saturday, January 21, 2012

Yushchenko's poisoning was invented by his staff

Deputy Prosecutor: Yushchenko's poisoning was invented by his staff

MP David Zhvania told us that the scandal around poisoning former president Viktor Yushchenko in 2004 was an idea of Yushchenko's election campaign staff, Deputy Prosecutor General Renat Kuzmin said in an interview with NBN.

"Zhvania testified that nobody poisoned Yushchenko, that there was no poisoning at all and that this entire story was invented by Yushchenko's election campaign staff in order to win the election accusing then authorities of poisoning," Kuzmin said.

"Zhvania also said that he was against this idea. He says, he tried to explain that this lie would be eventual revealed that it was too cynical to lie to the whole world. After that he was excluded from the staff," the official added.

According to the Deputy prosecutor General, many witnesses state that Yushchenko was poisoned and believe in this, while the others assure it was a fraud. "That's why we asked Yushchenko to take a blood test again," Kuzmin said.

On September 5, 2004 Viktor Yushchenko, then candidate for presidency, met with Security Service authorities, after which he felt bad. On September 10 he was hospitalized to Vienna clinic for examination, which revealed that Yushchenko was poisoned by dioxin. Repeated examination in May 2006 confirmed the presence of dioxin in Yushchenko's organism.  

In November 2009 the temporary investigative commission of the parliament declared the necessity to change the composition of the investigation group of prosecution and to hold new tests in order to prove the version of poisoning.

After his appointment on the post of Prosecutor General (November 2010) Viktor Pshonka repeatedly confirmed his intention to take additional test of Yushchenko's blood in Ukrainian lab, but Viktor Yushchenko refused. The former President declared he would agree to take a blood test in the national lab only if the Prosecution had solid reasons.

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Anonymous said...

ushchenko's allegations of poisoning are seriously questionably.

Its been six years, five of which Yushchenko was President, and the allegations about Yushchenko's poisoning have not have not been subject of a judicial review and Yushchenko has refused to provide blood samples for independent analysis and review. Raising further doubts as to the veracity of his claim.

It was reported that the initial samples provided to European laboratories was sent to Europe via the USA. WHY?

Why has there not been an open judicial inquiry into the allegations made?

If Yushchenko has nothing to hide then he should cooperate with the authorities and provide evidence to substantiate his claim.

If as is alleged in this article the claim is false then he should be held to account for his actions.

The evidence backing up his claims should be subject to cross examination and independent review in an open court for all to see.