Saturday, September 06, 2014

Ceasefire: The fragile peace from the ashes of lawlessness

The US real aim is to wage war on Russia, to economically cripple Russia in the preparation of war with the goal of having Putin removed from office.

Russia has always been concern about maintaining peace and has consistently called for dialog between the Ukrainian authorities in Kyiv and the Donbass self defence rebels.

Russia was the only state to deliver humanitarian aid to the people of Danbass who were under the reprisal attack by the Ukrainian 'National guard and US backed Millita.

The US on the other hand was behind the unconstitutional, lawless, destabilisation of Ukraine. It has backed and financed the Maidan coup. received gold payments from Ukraine and positioned its political elite and their sons on boards of influence of Ukrainian state sponsored companies.

The US has been calling for de-escalation of the crisis in Ukraine and Russia has delivered. The US/EU response is more sanctions

I fear that the agreed cease fire is a ploy to buy time and to try and portray the US backed Poroshenko junta as a "advocate for peace". Far from it.

Time will tell if the circumstances lead to a true and lasting peaceful solution. Most notably will be the period leading up to the elections and whether the Russian speaking part of Ukraine, unlike the May 25 Presidential elections, will be given all opportunity to effectively participate and be represented.

We have already witnessed the laying of foundations that will prevent a fair and democratic election taking place in Ukraine. 

It is worth noting that had the US and EU honoured the commitments of the February 21 agreement, Ukraine would have undertaken Constitutional reform and held fresh election in October without the ensuring conflict that cost billions of dollars, destroyed cities and the loss of many lives.

Not one word of condemnation from the US for the lawless state of affairs forced in Ukraine by the Maidan protestors who were the initial cause of the escalation of violence in Ukraine