Sunday, April 02, 2006

Candidate's calls for recount

Ukraine's President calls for all votes in last weeks election to be re-examined

Ukraine's President has called for a vote recount of last weeks national election at the request of a number of candidates.

A recount would delay the official declaration of the poll and buy more time to finalise any possible coalition agreement.

At stake is the election of minor parties who failed to secure the 3% threshold required under Ukrainian Electoral Law.

On the official results have recorded Natalia Vitrenko Bloc with just under 3% (2,97%) of the vote. Analysis of the election results shows that Natalia Vitrenko received over 3% of the formal vote but that Ukraine has included the number of informal votes in calculating the threshold required.

At risk is up to 20 Parliamentary seats which if elected would be allocated to Vitrenko's party.

There is concern and debate that the 3 percent threshold should be based on the formal vote and not include informal ballot papers. Informal ballot papers are recorded as a result of ballots showing no vote or indicating multiple choices of candidates/parties. In most democratic countries only formal votes are considered in determining the result of an election.