Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Ukraine takes a backward step

Democratic rights to a fair and honest election denied

The Ukrainian Parliement today took a step backwards in refusing to protect the democratic rights of minorities by refusing to undertake a recount and verification of the elections results.

In teh west preliminary recounts of votes is a common practics to verify the results of the election. It should be a matter of course and part of the responsibiles and duties of the electoral commission.

The fact that the outgoing Parliament is called on to pass judgement is of concern itself. under normal circumstances Parlaiments go out of office on teh eve of the election and any caretaker administrative responsibilities are the responsibility of the President or Head of State.

To date the election process was well conducted but the same can not be said for the process of counting the ballot. There is serious doubt as to the accuracy of the count with allegations of possible fraud and deception.

The failure of the Ukrainian electoral commisison to undertake as a matter of course a recount of the ballot only undermines public confidence and brings Ukraine further into disrepute the administration of its democratic rule.

Viktor Yushchenko should excerise his authority and act responsibily to restore confidence in Ukraine's democratic development and put call for a re-examintaion of the ballot. If only to grant others the same rights he called for in his own election.