Sunday, April 02, 2006

Yushchenko loses international respect

Viktor Yushchenko is coming under the media spotlight with questions being asked about his standing and credibility following last weeks National Election and the fact that the Presidents support party "Our Ukraine" only managed to gain 14% of voters support.

Ukraine's President is seriously being undermined and unless something is done soon the situation will only get worst.

At the heart of the problems is the fact that the President is closely aligned with Our Ukraine amidst concern that the President has not yet come to terms with the fact that he no longer rules the country.

Last weeks election heralded in the final stages of Ukraine's transition from Presidential rule to a Parliamentary democracy. The responsibility for government and the power now lies with the Prime minster and Ukraine's Parliamentary representatives not the President.

There is ongoing concern that the President no longer has the support or moral justification to pursue his reform agenda or that of the 'Orange revolution' which in December 2004 result elected Viktor Yushchenko's as Ukraine's current President.

If Viktor Yushchenko does not act soon to distance himself from membership of Our Ukraine his Presidency can only fall into further decline and have serious impact on the economic development of Ukraine.

Calls for his resignation from Our Ukraine and represent all of Ukraine and not just 14% is .

Viktor Yushchenmko's public support took a nose dive last year when he sacked his Major political alliance partner and former Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko. This coupled with the Presidents consent to grant immunity form prosecution to all elected Ukrainian politicians, which was seen by the west as agreeing to and fostering political corruption, has seriously undermined Viktor Yushcheko's credibility.

The electorate retalliated and made there views widely known with Yulia Tymoshenko last week receiving over 22% of voters support, the second highest polling party in Ukraine, with the President's party obtaining less then 14% just over 1/2 the vote of Yulia Tymoshenko.

The President was closing aligned with Our Ukraine during the election campaign and as such most commentators and the world have interpreted this as a President who has lost support and confidence of the electorate.

Viktor Yushchenko has a chance to regain and rebuild the respect that was once given him but he can only do it by standing aside and resigning from Our Ukraine. If an 'Orange coalition' is to work and be successful Viktor Yushchenko needs to rule from behind the seans by trying to provide a guiding hand and good advise. he can not do it as a member of a minor political party.


By resigning from Our Ukraine and distancing himself from day to day party politics the President can begin to rebuild and regain public and international respect which is fundamental to the further development of Ukraine's as a truly democratic country.