Friday, August 03, 2007

Lavrynovych: Early elections should have been already recognized invalid today

An interesting interview with Olexander Lavrynovych, Minister of Justice of Ukraine, in which Olexander Lavrynovych commented on the proposal to convene a Special session of Ukraine's Parliament correctly stated ".. despite election campaign has already started in Ukraine, People's deputies have right to hold session but do not have right to adopt any decisions.".

Lavrynovych also stated "that legacy (legitimacy) of early parliamentary elections on September 30 is doubtful in accordance with the Constitution and laws... The President's decree from July 31, charging CEC to prepare early elections, is unconstitutional and illegal as the rest of the decrees on early parliamentary elections."

Ukraine is governed by Political expediency and hastily made agreements.

According to Lavrynovych," under current conditions it is impossible to hold early parliamentary elections on the constitutionally and legal basis, they can be held only as a result of political agreements".

In a separate article arsing from the same interview Lavrynovych is quoted as saying "According to the standards of the Constitution and the laws of Ukraine, these elections should have been recognized invalid already today. But we understand that we speak about the State and about what will happen further in this country. As we've understood, political agreements substitute for the law," ... "The situation has been led to the limit, where there are no possibilities to follow all legal norms"

There is little doubt that the Viktor Yushchenko, President of Ukraine, actions are not in accordance with Ukraine's constitutional laws. The President has and continues to usurp power where he has no legal authority to do so and in order to avoid judicial review of his actions he has directly interfered with the operations of Ukraine's, supposedly independent, Constitutional Court.

In a recent interview with Stepan Havrsh, the President's appointee to the constitutional court, in prejudgment of the courts decision and without authorization from the Court itself, commented "I cannot imagine myself as the Constitutional Court in condition in which three political leaders signed a political/legal agreement on holding early elections, which also stipulates the constitutional basis for holding the elections... How the court can agree to consider such a petition under such conditions"

The comments expressed by Olexander Lavrynovych are true and a recognition of the current political reality that dominates Ukraine today.

Ukraine clearly does not work under a system of rule of law, a fact made worst by actions of the President, Ukraine's Head of State. Viktor Yushchenko has shown nothing but contempt for constitutional law and order or the principles of democracy to which he claims to be acting in defence of. To the contrary the President has and continues to undermine Ukraine's democratic development as a result of his own unconstitutional and illegal actions.