Thursday, August 30, 2007

September 4 could determine the outcome of proposed elections

Next Tuesday is the start or end of the campaign

In confirmation of Ukraine Today's earlier comments September 4 is shaping up to become the next real test of authority and justification for the holding of fresh parliamentary elections scheduled on September 30.

Ukraine's Minister of justice, Oleksandr Lavrynovych, has confirmed what we have been saying for months in a statement published by Ukrayinska Pravda "... there will be no early parliamentary election in the event the Verkhovna Rada registers 300 MPs."

Olexandr Lavrynovych is convinced that the Verkhovna Rada will thereby demonstrate its competence.

Under Article 83 of Ukraine's Constitution the parliament must convene its regular Autumn session on the first Tuesday in September. If the plenary session session can not be held then according to Article 90 section 3 of Ukraine's constitution the President must wait 30 days before he has the power to terminate the authority of the parliament.

Kyiv post has reported that only 120 members of parliament have resigned.

If 300 or more members of parliament register their attendance on September 4 then the September 30 elections could be in doubt.

It is unknown if the president or the opposition will ty and prevent parliament from sitting - Something that is a criminal officence

Party of Regions have indicated that they will attend the scheduled plenary session whilst the communist party has provided conflicting statements. It is understood that the opposition will not be in attendance.

One of the issues to be considered at the September 4 session is the question of immunity for parliamentarians, teh judiciary and the president. An issue the opposition have campaigned on. The Government has called on all Parliamentary factions to resolve the issue of immunity prior top the September 30 poll.

It is difficult to see under what circumstances the session can be held if as claimed by the president and the opposition over 161 members of parliament have resigned. But the laws on resignation are sketchy, as we saw when Yulia Tymoshenko resigned earlier only to reclaim her entitlement at a later date in order to particpate in the July parliamentary session.