Saturday, August 11, 2007

President's Secretariat compromises OSCE's independence by unilaterally claiming OSCE support for the presidents actions

Ukraine's Presidential secretariat has seriously compromised the independence of the OSCE in a recent press release published on Friday.

Ms Maryna Stavniychuk, President Victor Yushchenko's deputy chief of staff , in her recent media statement claimed "their (The OSCE) arrival in Ukraine to monitor the snap election showed that this poll was legal and that the international community "realizes that it is inevitable and should be held in an honest, open and fair manner."

This is a huge quantum leap in belief, just because the OSCE has agreed to monitor the conduct of the election does not translate into support let alone endorsement of the Presidents actions. To the contrary.,

It is one thing to monitor the conduct of an election and another to be seen to be endorsing the presidents actions.

The OSCE must clarify its position and not allow the statements of the President's press office to speak on its behalf.

For the OSCE to seen to endorse the actions of the President would seriously compromises its independence and undermine confidence in its ability to act impartially, Clearly the OSCE must distance itself from the statement of the President's secretariat or run the risk of being seen to be partisan and open to the allegation of extreme bias.

If the OSCE is in fact supportive of the President's actions then the OSCE must outline exactly on what basis it considers the holding of the elections to be legal and under what provisions of Ukraine's constitution the President has the authority to dismiss Ukraine's democratically parliament.