Saturday, September 22, 2007

Ukraine's Election Under Review

Party of Regions warns President of discord

The Party of Regions (PRU) announces about its intention to withdraw from the early election campaign in the event if its opponents do not stop their provocations.
“If our opponents’ cynical provocations entertained to prepare massive polling fraud should not stop, PRU is ready to put its participation in the elections under doubt,” is stated in the party’s message.

“We do not want to be involved in the 2007 election venture predetermined by Bankova Street and then justified in a biased court,” PRU adds.

It is also said in the message that ‘the central PRU campaign headquarters keeps on receiving alarming reports on provocations prepared against the party’.

PRU members are convinced that their political opponents ‘aware of their future demise at the early elections are seeking ways to deprive PRU of a part of its success’.

“One of these ways is to bloc the work of local election commission by their members from opposition,” claim PRU members.

It is underlined that these maneuvers are of a clear ground. They are aimed to recognize district protocols void so that the district poll results should not be taken in account and long tiresome trials should start.

“It is natural that ‘distress calls’ are received from the oblasts which have had a huge amount of PRU adherents for a long time. They are the Crimea, Zaporizka, Dnipropetrovska, Mykolaivska, Odeska oblasts,” PRU stresses.

PRU protests against using such tactics by PRU opponents and wants to apply to law enforcement agencies so that such activities should be put an end to.

“Every action of any election commission official is to be properly checked and as a result, necessary legal measures are to be taken,” claim PRU.

Source: Ukrayinska Pravda