Monday, September 03, 2007

September 4 the beginning or the end of the election

Tomorrow is shaping up to be the next point of contention in the current political crisis and power struggle between Ukraine's President and Ukraine's parliamentary representatives.

September 4 is the date scheduled for the holding of the next regular plenary session of Ukraine's Parliament.

The Speaker of the parliament, Olexandr Moroz, correctly maintains that the president has no Constitutional authority to dismiss the democratically elected parliament and according to the Constitution of Ukraine (
Article 83) the Parliament must convene its regular plenary sessions on the first Tuesday of February and September of each year

Reports in the media indicate that all parties will be represented in tomorrows Parliamentary session

If the parliament is unable to convene its regular session then according to Article 90 of Ukraine constitution the president in 30 days time has the power to terminate the authority of the parliament and call early elections.

If 300 or members of parliament attend tomorrows session the the question of authority and legality of the president's decrees is very much under dispute.

For what appears to be the sake of one month the president has compromised the legitimacy and constitutionality of the elections scheduled for September 30.

Vandalism and Censorship as historical records attacked by supporters of the president.

Meanwhile supporters of the president last Saturday logged having created an account impersonating an existing user logged-on to Wikipedia and proceeded to vandalise the contents of the published article that highlighted the issues surrounding the Constitutional Court challenge which is still pending.
The article has been restored on Wikipedia but now is subject to review to have this information removed from the historical records. The application for deletion is supported by the same group of dissidents associated with the person identified as being responsible for the vandalising Wikipedia database.

Disclaimer: There is no assertion that those responsible for the attack on Wikipedia are directly associated with the president's campaign or any centrally based organisation in Ukraine it is believed that the persons responsible are acting independently.