Tuesday, September 09, 2008

New crisis envelopes Ukraine

President threatens Ukraine with a state of emergency

The James Foundation published a recent article on the current crisis facing Ukraine. Whilst the article is worth reading there is a fair bit of important background information missing from the article.

The problem facing Ukraine today is the President, Viktor Yushchenko.

What we are seeing, but has not been properly reported in the article, is an ongoing power struggle between the Office of The President and the people's democratically elected representative Parliament (Pure and simple).

Yushchenko and his political party Our Ukraine continuously seek to undermine Ukraine's economic and democratic development. They have opposed every effort to see Ukraine become at democratic parliamentary republic.

Last years snap parliamentary election and Yushchenko's illegal interference in the independence of Ukraine's Constitutional Court was in response to the Parliament gaining strength and support to initiate reform to Ukraine's Constitution. Reform that would see Ukraine finally break free from the former soviet style "rule by decree" presidential dictatorship. Yushchenko is opposed to Ukraine becoming a Parliamentary democracy, in line with other European states, and will do what ever is necessary to hold on to power.

Again we are witnessing support for Constitutional change and again Yushchenko, faced with losing power, has indicate that he will fight to retain power going as far as declaring declare a state of emergency and creating yet again another political and constitutional crisis.

Yushchenko's and his party "Our Ukraine's" public support has dropped to below 5%. An all time low for a head of state.

With ongoing political instability since Yushchenko was elected, the ongoing power struggle between the Office of the President and the peoples' representation Parliament has severely damaged Ukraine's economic development. As a result of Yushchenko's policies and actions Ukraine's inflation is at a much higher rate then its neighbouring states.

The plot thickens

Yushchenko is looking and sounding more like a man who has lost control of his senses.

Yushchencko has even gone to the absurd by now accusing his ally and previous supporter Yulia Tymoshenko of being involved in a plot to have him poison back in 2004. He also recently accused Yulia Tymoshenko of "High Treason". It seams that everyone but Yushchenko himself is engaged in a plot to have him assigned. He also recently accused another Ukrainian political leader and past associate of conspiracy to murder.

Again anyone that has been watching developments closely in Ukraine know that the real problem facing Ukraine today is Yushchenko himself. It seams no one can work with him and they are all against him.

If there is to be fresh elections then it is the President that must face the people.

In 2007 Yushchenko divided the nation and brought it close to civil disobedience. Yushchenko gambled with the outcome of fresh parliamentary elections and lost leaving Ukraine to pick up the pieces.

It is Yushchenko that should resign and seek to renew his mandate by facing the people in early Presidential elections.

The best option forward now is for Ukraine to adopt changes to its Constitution, compleating is transition to a full European style parliamentary democracy to be followed by fresh Parliamentary elections and appointment of anew head of state under the democratic system of governance.

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UkrToday said...

President threatens Ukraine with a state of emergency

Why has Yushchenko implied that he will call a "state of emergency" you might ask? There is no real emergency. The country has not yet taken to the streets.

The answer lies in Ukraine's constitution.

Article 157
The Constitution of Ukraine shall not be amended in conditions of martial law or a state of emergency.

Here lies the truth behind the fears of Ukraine's President.

Yushchenko is so desperate to hold on to power that he is prepared to go to any length to prevent the Parliament from initiating democratic change

He has unconstitutional sacked the previous parliament and is proposing to repeat his actions again.

He has illegally and unconstitutionally interfered with the independence of Ukraine's Constitutional Court

Should the Parliament make moves to reform Ukraine's Constitution and remove him from office he will, undemocraticly go the extent of declaring a state of emergency, even if there is no real state of emergency.

Anything to prevent Ukraine from becoming a democratic Parliamentary republic and to stay in power for another 12 months.