Thursday, September 18, 2008

This is not a East versus West stereo type conflict

This is not a East versus West stereo type conflict, as portrayed in the western media and promoted by the US administration. It is false and misleading to present it as such.

The majority of Ukraine's politicians support Ukraine's integration into Europe and also support maintaining close ties with Russia.

The main destabilizing influence in Ukraine today is the US backed President, Viktor Yushchenko, who has divided Ukraine like never before as he pursues a personal power struggle between the Office of the president and the peoples elected Parliament.

This will be the second parliament in less than a year that Yushchenko has dismissed. The previous Parliament was dismissed unconstitutionally in order to prevent the parliament from gaining support for the establishment of European Parliamentary democracy in Ukraine. Every other former Soviet state when they declared independence had adopted a Parliamentary model except Ukraine. The struggle to establish a Parliamentary system of governance existed since Ukraine declared independence. Yushchenko in 2002 opposed the move and transition to a Parliamentary system, amendments to the constitution fell short by five votes of the two thirds required constitutional majority.

All other conflicts in Ukraine are related in part to Ukraine's desire to governed by rule of law as opposed to rule by Presidential decree.

The current conflict is part of that ongoing struggle with Yushchenko in the minority trying desperately to hold on to power.

In 2007 the Parliamentary assembly of the Council of Europe (April 17) recommended that Ukraine adopt a full parliamentary system of governance.

Viktor Yushchenko and his political party "Our Ukraine"'s rating in the public opinion polls is below 5%.

What does this tell you?

If anyone should face the people of Ukraine it should be the President, his actions and policies do not reflect the wishes and aspirations of the Ukrainian people.

Yushchenko's push to have Ukraine join NATO against the will of the people of Ukraine (60% are opposed to the NATO membership) Yushchenko's constant attempts to undermine successively Ukraine’s democratically elected Parliament(s) has seriously impacted on Ukraine’s economic and social development and the security of the region.

The only real long term solution is for Ukraine to initiate constitutional reform, establish a truly democratic Parliamentary system of governance in line with other European States. Remove power from the Office of the President and hold fresh Parliamentary and Presidential elections under the new system and soon as possible. Putting an end to the destructive and divisive personal power struggle between The President of Ukraine and the people’s democratically elected Parliamentary representatives.

Americans do not have a parliamentary system and as such they do not understand the benefits of a parliamentary democracy. Canada,Great britain, Australia, Scandinavia and all or Europe except France) are governed under a Parliament system.

If Ukraine wants to become part of Europe then it should model itself on European systems and adopt European values and not have forced on them the dictates of Presidential rule. Democracy is about representing the people and rule of law not Presidential decrees based on the wishes of the minority.

Fresh elections without constitutional reform will do noting to resolve Ukraine's ongoing political crisis and the personal power struggle between the President of Ukraine and the Parliament.

As long as Yushchenko remains President Ukraine will be continue to suffer perpetual political crisis.