Thursday, September 04, 2008

President's party falls below 4%

Our Ukraine takes a dive

Support for Victor Yushchenko's Politcial party Our Ukraine has fallen to below 4% as the President seeks to hold on to power by dismissing his second parliament in as many years.

The poll undertaken by the Institute of Sociology of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine indicates that 5 Polictial Parties would be elected to parliament if fresh elctions were held between August 15-27.

Party of Regions (26.6%) 189 Seats
BYuT (22.2%) 158 Seats
CPU (5.4%) 38 Seats
Lytvyn’s Bloc (5.1%) 36 Seats
Our Ukraine (3.9%) 28 Seats *

Other parties in contention but below the 3% representation threshold include

Progressive Socialist Party (1.9%)
The People’s Self-Defense Bloc (1.8%)
The Socialist Party of Ukraine (1.1%)
The United Center party (0.5%)

Others parties and blocs would receive 2.6%.

9.1% of those polled would vote against all, and 19.7% refused to respond.

The poll also reported that 68.5% of respondents would take part in the snap poll with 24.7% stating they wouldnot partipate with 6.7% unable answer the question.

* It is unkown if Peoples' Self-defence will remain a faction partner with Our UkraineThey could stand alone or seek to join Block Yulia Tymoshenko, it isunlikely they will remain a partner with Our Ukaine

Presidential elections.

The same poll indicated that if the presidential elections were held:
Victor Yanukovych PoR (27.8%)
Yulia Tymoshenko -BYuT( 22.5%)
Petro Symonenko - CPU (5%)
* Victor Yushchenko (4.7%)
Volodymyr Lytvyn (3.8%)
Arseniy Yatseniuk - OU (2.7%)
Natalya Vitrenko - PSPU (1.7%)

* Incumbent

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If you want my advice stop calculating his ratings.
You will get a divide by zero error !
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