Sunday, October 16, 2011

Control Alt Delete

The people of Ukraine must take collective responsibility for their own Governance.

Ukraine MUST reform its Constitution and implement a full parliamentary model of government (Along the lines of Estonia and Latvia - both former Soviet States that are now relatively successful EU member states)

Ukraine MUST remove power and authority from the office of the President  and have the parliament elect the head of state on the basis of a two-thirds constitutional majoiorty  (Again in line with Estonia and Latvia's provisions)

Ukraine MUST reform the Parliament to make it more accountable and representative of the people. (This can best be achieved by establishing 45 local electorates with each electorate electing 9 members of parliament using a single transferable proportional representation voting system)

The Executive government SHOULD be elected from and by members of the parliament (As is the case under the Westminster system of parliamentary democracy)

Ukraine MUST overhaul the judiciary and system of law to bring it in line with European values in fulfillment of the principles of rule of law. The judiciary MUST be independent and professional. (It could consider adopting the British common law system)

Ukraine NEEDS to do all the above.. and then