Friday, October 14, 2011

A manefesto for reform

The flawed systen of governance in Ukraine has been in place much longer then Yanukovych.Even under Yushchenko the system was corrupt.What is not reported is that the media is that the persecution of Tymoshenko in relation to the Gas negotiations was initiated by Victor Yushchenko and his self appointed National Security Council.

The allegations that the gas suppply contract entered into by Tymoshenko was detrimental to Ukraine's interests is very subjective.

The damage and economic cost arising from Tymoshenko's persecution is far greater than the claimed loss of 188 Million. Ukraine relationships with the international community is on the edge of collapse, investments are placed on hold and the value of the Ukrainian hrivina is under pressure teetering on collapse. There are even suggestions that the fall out of this issue may seriously impact the proposed Euro 2012 football championship.

I, like many had grown weary of Yulia's antics and inconsistent policies, but I am shocked at the inhumane treatment that she and other members of the opposition have had to endure.

Yuri Lutsenko has been imprisoned for over 10 months waiting the outcome of his trial whilst his heath deteriorates and he has not been found guilty of any offence. Releasing Tymoshenko on a suspended sentence is not good enough. She should be cleared on appeal without conviction. The abuse of process in the trial alone is grounds for acquittal.Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutly.

The real problem facing Ukraine is the presidential system of governance. it is teh foundation of Ukraine's governance.

If Ukraine is to become a democratic state it must remove power and authority from the President and embrace a parliamentary democracy based on European values.

The opposition MUST start campaigning for reform of the whole system of government Top to bottom.

It should look to Estonia and Latvia, both former soviet states, that are now successful EU member parliamentary democracies.The head of state should be elected by a two-thirds constitutional majority of Ukraine's parliament with limited power. The cost alone (estimated at over 350 million dollars in administration and campaign cost) of conducting a presidential election is prohibitive and open to misuse and abuse.

The Ukrainian Parliament needs reform so as to ensure that it is representative and accountable to the people of Ukraine.

This can be nest achieved by establishing 45 local electorates of equal size with each electorate electing nine members of parliament on a 10% quota using a system of Single Transferable Proportional Representation voting.A single chamber parliament with equal mandates.

The judiciary and system of law in Ukraine MUST be also overhauled from top to bottom to ensure that it is functioning as a means of providing justice and not a tool of repression and oppression.

Ukraine should look to other European states and seek assistance from the Venice Commission in how best to achieve this goal.

Sadly Yanukovych has taken a back ward step away from democratic rule.

The consolidation of presidential power must be rejected and reversed.Unless the opposition parties can stand united on a common platform and policy for reform there is little hope for Ukraine's immediate future.

Sadly Ukraine will be seen as a dysfunctional state of it is not already one. Yanukovych term of office has been dealt a serious blow and it is now doubtful that he will be able to negotiate any meaningful or significant changes in Ukraine. Yanukovych’s administration have dug themselves into a hole, one that they will not recover from. The best outcome he can hope for now is that the Court of appeal will rule in Tymoshenko's favour.

Whereas before Tymoshenko was losing ground Yanukovych and Yushchenko have breathed life back into her campaign by making her a martyr.