Thursday, October 13, 2011

Ukraine - A failed State: It's time to hit the reset button and reboot:

Ukraine is facing another  major crisis.  This time it is Yanukovych that is at the helm.

Ukraine is bouncing form one disaster to another with not indication of any meaningful long term solution in sight.

The persecution of Ukraine's opposition leaders  has brought to the point of collapse with no chance of salvation.  It is as though Ukraine is hell bent on traveling a road of self annihilation.
In 2004/5 The Orange revolution held out some hope that change was on the horizon.  By 2006 it was clear that this was not going to deliver Ukraine from the abyss with  Viktor Yushchenko and Our Ukraine refusing to support the formation of a Orange governing coalition,,. Come 2007 Yushchenko undermined confidence in the democratic process by Ukraine's stability.  Yushchenko steered Ukraine towards the rocks hell bent on preventing Ukraine from becoming an independent democratic state unless it was done his way. Yushchenko was eventually thrown overboard but the boat continued to sail to towards its doom  and pending disaster.

Yanukocych who took over from Yushchenko has made things worst. His Presidency being undermined by his own actions.  The recent persecution of  leader so the opposition has set Ukraine at odds with the rest of the world, with Russia siding with the EU and the USA in condemning the directions Ukraine has taken,.  Yanukovych's presidency has reached the point of no return, His credibility and presidency having been brought into disrepute it is unlikely he can regain control as things go from bad to worst.

The solution remains the same as is the destination. The question is how to you get there?

Ukraine needs to hit the reset button, It needs to start from scratch, relay the foundation stones and rebuild the state, starting with it's constitutional reform and the establishment of a full parliamentary system of government along the lines adopted by Estonia and Latvia when they declared independence from the Soviet Union. Both Estonia and Latvia made the right decision and embraced a democratic parliamentary "rule of law" system.  Ukraine on the other hand  retained the presidential "rule by decree" soviet option.

The next step would be to reform the Parliament and overhaul the judiciary,  It need to get the foundations and design of the State right before it can begin to rebuild.   The problem is the various political parties and war lords are so entrenched in crisis mode they can not find any respite. the opposition has no united policy or direction for fixing the problems Ukraine now faces.  The only solution being voice are the screams for help people lost in the fog. Whilst the State ship sails towards it's pending doom the crew and passengers are left with no other option but to pray.

In the end Ukraine must take collective responsibility for its own future and governance and it must stop waiting and relying in some single saviour to answer it's cry for SOS.

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Anonymous said...

The last sentence is very profound and should be a clarion call for self initiative on the part of all independent minded, self-determined Ukrainians. Both the EU and/or Russia will treat you paternalistically if you continue to act as a child seeking guidance. At twenty, even a child is forced to grow up. Your salvation must be genuine and come from grass-rooted patriotic zeal. May the winter of Ukraine's discontent be followed by a Kiev Spring.